Lang Ranches

Lang Ranches are a combination of four ranches comprised of 14,500 acres in some of the best hunting in the Hill Country / Edwards Plateau

The terrain is mostly gentle rolling Oak Savannahs and mesquite flats.

The majority of our ranch is low-fenced, but we also have a 3,500 acre high fenced preserve that has an abundance of Exotics as well as premier whitetail and Rio Grande Turkey . Our management program is based on restricting the number of hunters to ensure an ample selection of top quality animals that have been allowed to reach a mature age. You will have the opportunity to see more quality deer and wildlife than you could imagine.

We have blinds and feeders strategically placed throughout the ranch in varied terrain from mesquite flats, oak savannahs to cedar breaks. The geographic diversity that we have here will astound and amaze. We are traditionally cattle based in our livestock operation which leaves the majority of the available browse for our wildlife population. Our harvests in 2015-2016 yielded deer not only with exceptional antler development but also tremendous carcass condition and dressed weights. We have been blessed with extraordinary rainfall and range and forage conditions are excellent.

If you are so inclined our experienced guides can take you on a guided exotic hunt into our 3500 acre high fenced area . This area has Axis, Whitetail , Sika , Blackbuck, Fallow, and an occasional Elk. This part of the ranch has had very limited hunting the last ten years.

We have three cabins located in several areas of the ranch, that are comfortably equipped for your needs. Each has game storage and a game cleaning facility.